Monday, October 27, 2014

Fluff and Finds...

Do you have moments when you just need to shop..? I had one of those moments this weekend. A long fall break with the littles gave us time to sleep in and just play. I had forgotten how long the days are when the littles are home all day. Luckily for me my hubs gave me a much needed weekend break of shopping to recharge my mommy battery.

I decided to drive south and hit several antique shops. Although I didn't find a ton of things, what i did find was enough to make my day. This chippy mirror is already painted in my fav color!
This green wire basket was on my list ! Can you believe I found something that was exactly what i wanted? I about did the happy dance and will hit that shop again. 
Millinery in all its glory! Yup another must have and the price was amazing. 

Then on Sunday I went grocery shopping without the littles and spoiled myself with some roses. The fragrance and color  was just what I needed to spruce up my dining table.


This weekend was all about trying to savor each moment and truly relax. This week will be focused on project completion so that Thanksgiving break will go much smoother. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hi ! To all of you who don't know me yet I'm Tabitha. Momma of four littles looking for the magic in each day. I say magic because most days it is magic that I don't forget my brain somewhere. 

I want to pretend we are already great friends and let you know that I plan to share! Share what exactly? Well all the crazy bits of my life that make up exactly who I am . Don't be afraid to ask questions either since, like I said I like to share. 

This week has been full of decisions. Decisions about our home and all sorts of grand things for the future of this family. But most recently this decision I made to start this online journal was forefront in my mind. It has been something I really wanted to accomplish for 2014 and I am glad I can scratch it off the list. 

My DH calls me the queen of unfinished projects and I really want to abdicate the throne. I am hoping the ability to share my progress and eventually finished projects will motivate me to move quicker. 

Possibly this weekend project is to add a canopy above little G's bed. My two years room is in the midst of a makeover . I have been supplying these projects with thrift store finds,elbow grease and a touch of paint. 

I really would love for the finished project to have a similar feel with maybe some twinkling lights to add just a touch of magic. 


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