Tuesday, March 17, 2015

cooped up antics...

OK I just couldn't help myself with the header. This was not as bad a winter but their was lots of chicken daydreaming during the cold months. I can not convey the amount of obsessing I have done over the last several months about finally owning chickens. I even started a Pinterest board over it. I have seen some of the most adorable coops at Sam's Club and think to myself how wonderful would that be.

 I have been researching online about the topic and all I will need to get started. Luckily for my one of my best friends had chickens, goats, bees the whole nine yards and there will be lots of info she can share .
Just look at how amazing this is ... would be slightly more amazing if the door was a wonderful shade of robins egg blue... maybe a doily bunting and an old watering pump to hold my egg basket.
I am eagerly waiting for our dream home to become available. Definitely not patiently waiting.

My research has also led me to the path of duck eggs. I am ooh so curious to know how they compare. Apparently ducks are healthy and lay more eggs each day. Much more resilient to heat and cold temps. Also nutritionally outweigh chickens. Down side to ducks is that snakes like them as well. I'm not sure I can handle the idea of snakes especially since I have little children so we shall see. Fox's and coyotes like chickens for the same reasons so its like making a choice on election day...

Anyone out there with any insight ?  I am hoping by next spring to be all settled into our new home and hopefully will be able to venture confidently into duck/chicken raising. 

In other news my fab new planner came in super quickly and I can't wait to share it. 
Spring Break is just around the corner and there will be lots of planning to get done to make the most of these upcoming days of leisure. 


  1. How fun for you to have a wonderful life change to plan. Hope you find your dream house soon! Our neighbors have a whole flock of guinea hens that we get to listen to every day. They fly into our yard occasionally and I've had to run interference a few times to keep the dogs from getting them. From what my mother has told me about growing up in the country, snakes like chicken eggs, too, so watch out! We live pretty much in town, though, and have more snakes in our yard every summer than I care to count. Thankfully, they're not poisonous (so far) and one of our dogs loves to catch them so my hubby can kill them.

    1. Oh no! Good thing you have a dog and no poisonous ones have come visiting. I may have to get an outside dog and train it real well to poop in the same place. We need to do a giftie exchange soon!