Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Can pink ever be wrong?

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with adding more pink to my life.
I even ordered this pink planner from Australia last week.

The plan is that this organizer will help me schedule in the time I need to be creative and organized all at once...well thats the plan anyway.

The other thing on my turning 36 bucket list is to do something daring...
I may regret it later but I'm gonna go pink...
I feel like hair will be a safe change since I can change it back.

Here's to enjoying all the moments that may seem silly later....


  1. I'm not a big journal/planner person, but I was drooling over some planner instagram feeds... SO PRETTY!

  2. I think pink would be gorgeous and fun! I can envision you with a 2" streak of it going from your temple/forehead all the way to the tips. Post pics!